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Hand Held Bar Coder Readers

The most successful companies are often those that use the latest technology to their advantage.

To help us achieve this we use hand held bar code readers when servicing portable toilets that allow us to automatically allocate a job to our drivers and engineers. The bar code reader updates their hand held devices in minutes.
Benefits include:

  • We are able to advise customers instantly on the status of their portable toilets servicing
  • They enable us to carry out same day servicing & repairs
  • We can meet urgent last minute delivery requests by checking the driver location and allocating
  • The hand held bar code readers are environmentally friendly because there is no need for paperwork

At Maks Company we understand that to maintain our world market leading position we need to be up to speed with the latest technology to deliver continued improvements in our operational capabilities that ultimately provides the highest levels of service to our customers.