Portable Toilet Servicing


Maks Company operates a specialised tanker fleet capable of emptying waste tanks of up to 3,000 gallons. As would be expected of a company with Maks's reputation, all waste is disposed of safely and in accordance with current waste regulations.

With over 100 tankers operating throughout the country, availability is no problem.

Our tankers are managed by computerised route planning and GPS vehicle tracking.

With Maks Company single portable chemical toilets we provide regular toilet servicing to ensure cleanliness of your portable toilet and replenishment of consumables. Our regular single portable toilet service includes:

  • Toilet cleaned and serviced to agreed timescale
  • ffluent is removed from your toilet and disposed of in line with current waste regulations
  • Toilet is refilled with fresh clean water
  • Thorough clean of your portable toilet during service and left ready for immediate use
  • Hand towels, toilet rolls and soap are replenished
  • Our bar coding facility allows us to quickly and easily confirm the service history of your toilet
  • To see our most popular single portable toilets plus our range of toilets blocks and shower layouts (including sizes and weights) please refer to our Hire Product Guide.