Maintenance & Building Services


As soon as we receive your order you become part of a highly efficient process that has been practised in Maks Company for many years.

Whilst Maks Company products are on hire to you we will carry out any maintenance to ensure your continued comfort and safety. We have 100+ engineers in all locations of the country ready to respond to any maintenance or repair request. GPS tracking is fitted to all vehicles ensuring that your maintenance or repair request can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We strive to ensure total customer satisfaction and take great care to ensure it is achieved.

We also offer a selection of dedicated 'long term' services and provide support and peace of mind after your building has been installed.

These can include regular building maintenance, electrical services maintenance, plumbing services maintenance, fire & intruder alarm system maintenance, air conditioning & fresh air ventilation maintenance, lift maintenance, plus much more.


We are sympathetic to the fact that your business may change and with this is mind we offer a range of reconfiguration and relocation services that give you flexibility to adapt your business premises as your business develops.

If you have a requirement to relocate your Modular accommodation Maks Company can move your buildings anywhere in the Caucasus region. This includes buildings supplied by Maks Company or any other modular manufacturer/

Just let us know when, where from and where to, and we'll arrange the removal, transportation, re-install and on-site logistics ensuring that your move is as trouble free and as smooth as possible.


As your business needs evolve your accommodation requirements may also need to adapt Maks Company can reconfigure your current Modular building layout to more appropriately suit your requirements. Perhaps your canteen needs to become and office facility? Maks Company can help!


Maks Company can refurbish, upgrade and enhance your accommodation at any time. This includes redecoration, installing fixtures and fittings and adding new rooms to accommodate your business needs.