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Maks Company Web Invoicing Policy

As the world leader in modular space and secure storage solutions, Maks Company understands the global implications of our business and as part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and to operate as a paperless company, Maks Company introduced a new web based invoicing system effective from 1st October 2010.

Prior to your next invoice, you will receive an email inviting you to join the service. Within this will be your personal login and password details.

This new service will allow you to view your invoices online and select your preferred delivery method, which are postal, portal or email.

The advantages of switching to web based invoicing are:

  • A reduction in your paper and storage costs
  • You can view and download your invoices at any time from the web portal
  • Invoices can be sent in PDF format attached to an email
  • We will securely archive your documents for 10 years for FREE

If you have any questions regarding this, please email office@makscompany.az or call 012-437-87-72

Logging on the portal for the first time

The first time you log onto the portal to view your invoices, you are prompted with a welcome page, in which you can select the way you want to receive your invoices and the language you want to use the portal in.

Once you have completed the form, click Enter to access your invoices on our secured portal.

Invoice delivery

Be aware that your invoices will always be published on the portal no matter what you select here. In addition, you can choose to receive your invoices by email, postal mail or fax, if you are not yet ready to quit paper invoices.

The list lets you choose among a certain number of reception methods depending on which methods we have allowed you to use.

  • Select Portal to simply access your invoices on the portal. You will not receive your invoices by any other means
  • Select Email to receive each invoice by email, with the invoice attached to the email as a PDF file
  • Select Postal mail if you are not ready to quit paper invoices yet. You can still access your invoices on the portal whenever you want

Regional settings

Select your language and country. This information is used to display dates, times and numbers in the appropriate format.


Select the language you want to use the portal and receive the notifications in. Time zone

Select your time zone. This information is used to display dates.